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Standard Spitting Videos on sale in my store this week!!

Hey everyone,

So I finally got around to reducing the price on TONS more Hocking and Spitting Fetish videos! A lot of the older spitting videos are reduced as low as clips4sale will allow me to price them, and I even put some of the newer ones on sale as low as I can discount them! There are some toothbrushing clips that are also reduced, that has lots of hocking and spitting in them. If you see a clip that you want that is not at a reduced price, email me at and I will reduce the price, but for THIS WEEK ONLY.

Here is the link to my store:

Here is a complete list of all the titles that are on sale, with a direct link to each individual video underneath the title of it:

Most Extreme Phlegm and Mucus Hocking and Spitting You Will Ever See

Claire and Ava Sit Outside Smoking, and Hock and Spit Tons of Loogies, Letting Them Fly

Stacy Spits In Her Guy's Mouth and All Over His Face, and Rubs it In With Her Feet

Stacy Spits All Over Her Tits, and Rubs Her Mucus on Her Asshole

Human Phlegm Receptacle

Claire blows bubbles with her big thick spit wad and spits it into a cup

*POV* Angela coughs and gags loudly, and hocks loogies down at you

Eris, Angela, and Claire cough, snort, and hock up chunky loogies and try to fill a glass with them

*POV* Sarah smokes and has a horribly loud wet sounding cough, and hocks loogies at you

Brandi Bottoms is outside, coughing up phlegm and snorting snot out of her sinuses, and hocking loogies on the patio

Estrella has a bad coughing fit over the bathroom sink

Claire Has a Chest Cold, and Has a Barking Cough, and Hocks and Spits Chunky Phlegm Into the Toilet

Claire has a loud barking cough and hocks up lots of phlegm and spits into the toilet

Claire coughs, gags, and hocks big loogies into her bathroom sink

Vanessa and her mom hock loogies and spit them down on you

Vanessa and Claire cough, gag, hock, and spit into a glass

Brandi and Claire hang out in bed and hock loogies and spit them into a glass

Amelia starts coughing in bed and runs to toilet, coughing and gagging and hocking into it

Claire coughs, gags, and hocks big loogies all over her mirror

Renee snorts snot out of her sinuses, gags, and hocks loogies on the mirror

*** POV *** Renee talks to you while she snorts and hocks thick loogies down onto you

Claire gives you her cold

Estrella has another coughing and gags and spits hockers into the toilet

Estrella scolds you for being a pain in her ass, and hocks loogies down at you.

Dixie snorts, hocks, gags, and spits loogies onto a glass table top

Nikki snorts and hocks loogies and spits them into a clear cup

Brandi hocks and spits big loogies all over a glass pane, and watches them ooze down.

Miss Crash snorts, hocks loogies, and spits snot and phlegm all over the floor

Marlo snorts and hocks loogies outside on her balcony

Marlo and Miss Crash snort and hock loogies all over each other's naked bodies!!!

*** POV *** Daphney is topless, snorting and hocking thick loogies down at you

Mandi is topless, and hocking and spitting big fat loogies all over a mirror!!

Jamie hocks tons of amazing thick loogies and spits them an incredible distance!!!

Amelia and Vanessa snort and hock up tons of phlegm and mucus, and see who can cover their plate with the most hockers

Amelia snorts snot and hocks up phlegm, and spits it all over her black leather boot, letting it run down at your face

Daphney collects a ridiculous amount of her phlegm and mucus in a cup and lets you drink it (PART TWO.....FINALLY!!)

Olivia Smokes and Coughs, Snorts, Hocks, and Spits Loogies

Amelia has a bad cough, and snorts and hocks tons of mucus and phlegm into a glass

~ Claire

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